African Mango Fat Burner – Does It Really Work?

African Mango Fat Burner Weight LossAmong the many health uses of the African mango fruit, it is most popularly used as one of the top fat burners amongst health conscious people in the weight loss community.

Researchers have shown that this fruit contains an important fiber which is a very important component for helping anyone burn fat and regain their health.

The fiber contained in the fruit has been shown to be useful in helping to bind cholesterol in the body and then flushing it out of the body.

The fruits of these trees are also known to have a very high overall nutritional value and the seeds that are in the fruits are where the treasure is.

The seeds are ground up and then used in popular fat burners on the market.

But this is not all marketing hype though, since numerous studies have proven the cholesterol lowering effects as well as the overall benefit for weight loss. [1]

Accuracy of the Research

African Mango is a relatively new all natural supplement in the weight loss niche and because it is new, there is a lot of information that is available online that could mislead consumers.

Before using any cosmetics or supplements it is important to carry out extensive research so you get a good idea of what the supplement can do for you.

The most appropriate place where one can get the truth is usually through research and studies from reputable sources.

In most cases, the manufacturers of the fat loss product will carry out their own research but it is upon the user to question their bias toward what they want to prove.

The Key Element For Weight Loss

It is stated that African Mango works similarly to green coffee supplements, directly in collaboration with the exact chemicals that contribute to the problem of obesity.

The mango fruit improves the levels of adiponectin and decreases the level of leptin in the body, which researchers have proven to be the key element in controlling body weight.

Leptin is usually secreted by the fat cells of the body and signals the brain that the body is full and cannot take in any more food.

The Importance of Leptin

When the body’s fat cells increase in size, the leptin levels start to increase, making the brain resistant to any of the signals sent.

Recent studies have shown that the primary compounds in African Mango are well-known for increasing and decreasing leptin levels as well as increasing the sensitivity of the brain to the signals of leptin. [2]

The Importance of Adiponectin

Adiponectin is a hormone that is important in increasing the sensitivity of the insulin.

Increased fat cells result in decreased levels of the hormone.

As far as losing weight goes, more of the hormone is available for promoting a healthy body.

The fat cells are also known to signal the production of the glycerol-3-phosohates dehydrogenase.

This enzyme is responsible for the work of converting sugar and starches to body fat.

Consuming African Mango supplements suppresses appetite and the fat is then broken down and used for fuel, resulting in a decrease in fat.


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